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Connect KIDS

Connecting with all ages... Strong families start with solid foundations. That’s why we partner with parents to help raise the next generation to become followers of Christ. Running alongside our main services, this is where we equip and develop our kids to live God loud through applied and relevant Bible teaching and lots of fun! With a team of dedicated, passionate and experienced volunteers, this is a place where your child will feel loved and will grow in their knowledge of God as they connect with Him.

Contact Lynia 

085 803 0583



Our Community

One of our core values is to connect with community. We strongly believe that by helping, volunteering and fundraising with community-based organisations that we are being the hands and feet of Jesus. Our two current choses charities are GROW (Mental Health) and COPE Galway (Homelessness, Domestic Abuse, Senior Support)


Connect Youth

Connect Youth is a community of young people (12-18) who have a lot of fun together and are chasing after God, building a real relationship with Him.

We meet on Friday nights at 7:30pm and also on Sunday mornings during the main worship service. We have monthly activities also and we love our Summer Camps!!

Regular updates are on our Facebook/Instagram pages!


Contact Seamus 

087 767 9356




Connect Church has supported many missions projects all over the world. At the moment we sponsor children in Honduras through Compassion. In doing so we are able to give these children the chance to attend school and a church-based Compassion project. At the project, children are provided with a safe-haven, nutritious food, health check-ups and life-skills. We also support missionary work through Overland Missions and the work Joanne Mara does in Asia through them.